Epicdelusion started in 2012 as a clothing and apparel company. If you’re looking for our tees please Click Here.

The founders of Epicdelusion have always been passionate about writing and exploring the vast compendium of human thought. If you remember Epicdelusion from years ago then you may recall our Facebook page and the blog we ran along side of our apparel company.

Epicdelusion Magazine comprises a multitude of thought-pieces covering various genres from a freethinker’s perspective. Our love of art, music, counter-culture, curiosities, philosophy, politics, science, cinema, literature, comedy, satire and free expression will be embedded in the virtual pages of our online publication.

Epicdelusion is an independent, non-partisan publication. As such, we welcome people from all walks of life to read our articles and think, criticize, discuss, and debate on our FB page or in the comments.

Keep thinking, it’s not illegal yet. 😉

For information in regards to publishing, advertising, re-circulation, copyrights etc. please email: customerservice@epicdelusion.com