The founders of Epicdelusion have always been passionate about writing and exploring the vast compendium of human thought.


Epicdelusion Magazine comprises a multitude of thought-pieces covering various genres from a freethinker’s perspective. Our love of art, music, counter-culture, curiosities, philosophy, politics, science, cinema, literature, comedy, satire and free expression will be embedded in the virtual pages of our online publication.

Our writers

Epicdelusion is an independent, non-partisan publication. The writers at Epicdelusion range in political and religious affiliation, but we all have one thing in common; we believe in free expression and open philosophical discourse. Intellectualism, science and philosophy demand different perspectives and ideas in order to flourish, evolve and prosper.

Literary World

Epicdelusion has recently added a literary section (still under development). Fiction is anarchy. Epicdelusion holds, strongly, the opinion that there should be no limitations or censorship in the world of creative writing. As such, we offer unique, brilliant, absurd, bizarre, horrific, controversial and offensive short stories that other publications may be afraid to publish.

Fair Warning and Disclaimer

Free expression publications, like Epicdelusion, contain subject matter that some viewers may find offensive. Ultimately, it is our goal to offer knowledge, perspective, insight, entertainment and to spread peace and understanding. However, since Epicdelusion delves into philosophy, taboos, controversial subjects as well as fiction-writing, satire and dark comedy, we expressly advise caution to our readers.

Epicdelusion is intended for mature audiences. Satire, fiction and published works that contain sensitive subject matter will be clearly marked.


Keep thinking, it’s not illegal yet. 😉

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