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Intelligent People Have a Dark Sense of Humor

Having a dark sense of humor is linked to high intelligence according to researchers at the Medical University of Vienna.

Humour processing is a complex information-processing task that is dependent on cognitive and emotional aspects which presumably influence frame-shifting and conceptual blending, mental operations that underlie humour processing.

Essentially their research shows that the higher level of dark humor preference an individual has, the higher their comprehension levels tend to be. Research also indicates that people with a higher preference for dark humor are more mentally stable and have better coping skills.

There is sometimes the assumption that individuals who demonstrate higher levels of intellect and have a dark sense of humor are: psychopathic, sociopathic, malignant narcissists or generally toxic people who are capable of executing terror or great harm to others.

What I’ve found in my own experiences, with people who have a tendency to prefer dark humor, is that they’re almost always more compassionate and charitable.

For example, I’ve known people who unashamedly tell ‘dead baby’ jokes, but would be absolutely horrified if they saw someone abusing their child and would probably be the first one to intervene.

Empathy is not a prerequisite for a higher intelligence, but having a high intelligence is not synonymous with sociopathic or psychopathic behavior either. In my experiences I’ve found that the greater the individual’s sense of humor, the more empathetic they are.

It certainly seems like, to me, the people who have an understanding, appreciation and admiration for the most vile forms of humor are, in fact, the least likely people to actually cause anybody harm.

The people who never laugh are the ones that concern me. I know, this may be an unjustified prejudice and I’m not saying it’s right to feel that way, but that’s just the way I feel God damn it.


Weed Smoking Nuns Denounce Religion

The Sisters of the Valley are “self-ordained” nuns that grow marijuana/hemp in California and sell cannabis based products.

Last year, Christine Meeusen and 6 other members of the order claimed $750,000 in sales last year. Their best year since they started in 2015. The Sister’s mission is to empower women and provide what they call medical and healing products.

What I think is perhaps more interesting than the fact that these nuns grow marijuana/hemp and sell cannabis based products, is that they are anti-religion.

“We’re against religion, so we’re not a religion. We consider ourselves Beguine revivalists, and we reach back to pre-Christian practices.” Meeusen’s sister Kate told NBC.

These nuns make it clear, despite their monikers, that they are not an order of the Catholic church.

I’ve always held the position, as an agnostic, that I respect people’s belief in a higher power. In fact, I think people are better off believing in a higher power. My objection to religion has never been based merely on someone’s spiritual beliefs, but rather the oppressiveness of the religion that is attached to those beliefs.

So these nuns are both confusing and intriguing to me. I’m not sure how you can be a nun and profess that you not only do not belong to a religion but also are anti-religion.

It’s quite fascinating and it makes you think. (Well, it makes me think.)

I think if more people renounced their religions and concentrated more on their relationship with whatever they perceive God to be, then the grip of religious-based oppression would weaken across the world.

According to, a christian blog that aims to perpetuate the anti-progressive teachings of an ancient religion to children, claims that Marijuana is evil and you shouldn’t do it. Big surprise there.

I never understood why the church was so against marijuana.  Anti-marijuana rhetoric propagated by the church helped in creating a voodoo pharmacology based propaganda effort to subdue society into thinking it was evil.

This fortifies a moral foundation that ultimately leads to the suppression of individual liberty.

Did anyone in the church stop and think that maybe God wanted you to use this plant?

The Sisters of the Valley did, and these nuns are pretty cool in my book.

Photo Credit: NBC

The Quantum Ghost Theory

Ghosts have been a concept since antiquity. Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten, who ruled from 1351-1334 BCE, was said to be cursed by priests and doomed to walk forever. To this day people claim to have encountered the ghost of Akhenaten in the deserts of Egypt.

Ghost stories have been around since humans have developed the concept of the soul. In almost every culture or religion, the concept of the spirits of the dead returning to greet the living have presented themselves in the chronology of written documentation.

Skeptics maintain that ghosts are nothing more than the imagination running wild caused by emotional stress or fear. Believers in the supernatural realm argue that ghosts are real but transcend our understanding of physical reality.

Science doesn’t typically tread in the waters of the supernatural. Astronomer Alex Filippenko said that the belief in God or the supernatural isn’t a question for science. Can science, however, shed some light on these ghostly ideas?

Quantum Mechanics is the go to branch of science that people often use to attempt to explain something that exceeds our understanding of classic reality.  This theory, sure enough, will be no exception.

Many people claim to have seen or heard ghosts at some point in their lives. If a few people throughout history claimed that they have seen a ghost or some unexplained creature moving about and then vanishing, it would be easy to say those people were crazy and move on.  But what do you do when so many people, for so long, attest that they have encountered a ghost?

Are all these people crazy? Are they all lying? Are they all being submerged into an ancient concept and reigniting the flames of fantasy? It’s an interesting question. And I think it’s one that deserves attention not only from psychologists and pseudo-scientists, but from physics as well.

Enter Schrodinger’s Equation. “The simple act of observing or measuring a particle forces it into an energy state. Unobserved, a particle may take any energy state available to it, but when a sentient observer is introduced, the particle becomes locked.”  What this suggests, in quantum mechanics, is that a given reality only becomes definite when it is being observed. Observation at this level can determine the outcome of an atom or a particle. This will be the basis of the quantum ghost theory.

The Quantum Ghost Theory in English


In basic English the quantum ghost theory is simple.  It theorizes that the ghost you are seeing isn’t in your imagination, and it isn’t a spirit from the dead either. The ghost you are seeing may be, in theory, an actual entity that you are creating by observing a situation (say a scene of an unsolved murder) and with such intense emotional input (energy) are actually manipulating the physical world around you.

Humans are convinced of their understanding of physical reality. The truth is, the stronger our microscopes get and the larger the particle accelerators become, the more we start to realize that our understanding of the universe is rather incomplete.

Sir Isaac Newton, in his theory of universal gravitation, theorizes what is happening between the Earth and the Sun that keeps them bound together in an orbital dance. He wouldn’t, however, extend his theory to what was actually causing gravity to exist in the first place.

Where did gravity come from? To this day, gravity remains a theory. Similarly, the theory of the quantum ghost, though understandably far-fetched, is actually a possible explanation to the ghost phenomenon.

We may lack some understanding of the components that would solidify the idea, but that in itself doesn’t discredit the theory entirely. If there is any truth to the quantum ghost theory, it would certainly explain why when the murder is solved, the ghosts typically go away — because the mind no longer has a need to enter distress.

The human brain is the most complex thing that we know to exist in the Universe. It’s extraordinary what it’s capable of. It may surprise you how little we actually know about the human mind and its potential, however. You know you are conscious, but what is consciousness?

Neuroscience still cannot prove where consciousness comes from. Does the mind have the power to actually change the universe that it’s observing? Quantum theory suggests that it can. It says that the universe cannot actually exist without mind entering into it.

If there is a place where some tragic event unfolded or where some murderous villain was slain, the human mind, according to the theory, can enter into such a state of emotion (fear, panic,etc.) that it can actually generate disturbances in the quantum field.

It can change the temperature in the room, it can cause EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), and it can create physical entities we know as ghosts.

In theory, if ghosts do exist, they’re not existing in your mind, they’re existing because of your mind.

That might even be scarier than the traditional concept of ghosts, but alas, it’s only a theory and is not evidenced in tested science.

Jim Morrison Predicted Electronic Dance Music

The Door’s frontman Jim Morrison predicted the future of music in a 1969 interview.

“…it might rely heavily on electronics, tapes. I can kind of envision one person with a lot of machines, tapes and electronics set up singing or speaking and using machines.”

Dubstep and electronic music in general, although having been around for a handful of years now, is becoming more popular in today’s music. You certainly didn’t have dubstep artists like Skrillex around in the 60’s.

Morrison seems to be years ahead of his time with this call. It lends some validity to the theory that Jim was a demigod to which not even the laws of physics and time could suppress him. Of course it could have just as easily been a lucky guess.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty interesting. Jim Morrison was an iconic figure in rock and roll history. He was an amazing artist and one couldn’t help but to wonder what music would be like if he didn’t die at the young age of 27.

Here’s a clip from the interview.


The future of music

Dolphins and Recreational Drug Use

I used to think dolphins were cool, until I saw a BBC documentary on Netflix called ‘Spy in the Pod‘ which featured dolphins who partied and got high on recreational drugs. Now I think they’re down right awesome!

You may be thinking at this point that this is a joke. You would be wrong. 

“After chewing the puffer and gently passing it round, they began acting most peculiarly, hanging around with their noses at the surface as if fascinated by their own reflection,” said Rob Pilley, zoologist and one of the producers of the documentary.

The Pufferfish (or puffer) releases a powerful and deadly neurotoxin called Tetrodotoxin to ward off predators. (This neurotoxin is stronger than cyanide so don’t try this at home.) The dolphins agitate the puffer and gently pass it around to the members of their group and apparently enjoy a blissful high.

There is some skepticism that the dolphins habitually do this. This is a relatively new discovery and the first time that it was ever caught on film. I couldn’t say for sure, but by the mannerism in which the dolphins pass the puffer, and their behavior in the process of invoking the secretion of the neurotoxin, I believe it is at least possible that it’s intentional.

Dolphins are intelligent so they may know how much of the neurotoxin to consume in order to not be killed by it but also enjoy a high from it.

Watch this short clip below and decide for yourself. 🙂

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