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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Religious Baker

The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in favor of Jake Phillips of Masterpiece Bakeshop Ltd. You can read the Supreme Court’s decision in its entirety here.

Phillips argued that he was not discriminating against same-sex couples (he countered that he would sell them any other baked product) but rather that, on religious grounds, would not print a cake that would celebrate same-sex marriage.

Despite his objection, the CCRC (Colorado Civil Rights Commission) found Phillips in violation of State Law.  The CCRC ordered Phillips to make policy changes to his company that would include the printing of same-sex marriage cakes. The contention would prompt Supreme Court intervention.

In this article I don’t want to get into lengthy details about the case or legalities. The question I want to focus on here is:

‘Should business owners be neutral or should their religious or political beliefs take precedence?’

It’s my belief that business ethics should be based around the quality of the product and/or service. A business owner’s focus should be just that; business.

At a cursory observation this doesn’t seem all that controversial, but in fact, it is. I know my stance on this is controversial, and it’s okay for us to disagree, but here is what I would like people to consider.

I believe a cake baker should print cakes for homosexual couples even if they are religious. (not forced to, but by default hold that position.) Printing something you disagree with is not an endorsement of the idea, but rather merely you providing a service.

Your role as a cake baker doesn’t have to coincide with your religious or political beliefs. These are your “business beliefs” and those beliefs should, in my opinion, include performing the service you offer to anyone willing to hire you.

If you can legally print an image on a cake, then you should print it. This is the responsibility of the cake decorator.

I’ve made this argument before and the most common ‘quickfire’ rebuttal is: “would you bake a swastika cake for neo-Nazis?” (Yeah, that’s where people always go, they always bring up Nazis.)

This is a great question though, because homosexual marriage cakes don’t bother me (I am not religious), but I am, however, vehemently against National Socialism and neo-nazi ideology.

Baking a neo nazi swastika cake would disgust me and I wouldn’t want to do it…but would I do it anyway?

I know this answer would probably make some people want to bash me over the head with a brick, but I would bake the cake.

I’d bake the swastika cake with the same level of professionalism and care that I would bake any other cake with.

Why? Because I wouldn’t allow my political beliefs to supersede my business ethic and service to the community. I might think your ideas or beliefs are abhorrent, but when I am assuming the role as a cake decorator I am fulfilling my responsibilities as a cake decorator.

I understand this is a controversial position to take, but neutrality in business is important.

The marketplace would get too hectic if every business owner started losing the concept of neutrality. There would be people saying “oh, I’m not gonna print those shirts, they’re too liberal” or “I refuse to make these business cards because they’re too conservative.” etc.etc.etc.  It would just turn into a shitshow.

Just remember, business owners, if you wont do it, someone else will.

We Must Always Question Authority

Question Authority? You may have heard this slogan thrown around before, but what does it actually mean? What are people encouraging you to do when they say to question authority?

Every aspect of authority must be analyzed and questioned. From National Leaders to the Vatican, Kings, Professors, Doctors, Parents, Science, Religion, the Police, and everything in between.

This doesn’t mean you should act like a brat and be disrespectful to those who are in positions of authority. You should always maintain your composure, your dignity and be cordial wherever applicable. Nay, the idea to question authority is much more profound than a simple knee-jerk, entitled response.

The ultimate quest for human kind is to understand the meaning of life, why we are here, and if possible, how it all came to be; the pursuit of true and absolute knowledge.

The path we’ve been paving since the dawn of civilization has been fueled by this initiative. Every monument to our progress is an achievement towards this ultimate goal that we collectively chase as a species.

Such a quest demands free thinking, the freedom to explore new ideas and to test theories.

On this road to understanding who we are and why we are here, there have been multiple blockades that have attempted to hinder the chariots of progress. All of which have failed to cease the quest completely, but nevertheless, it required enormous effort to combat them.

Questioning authority doesn’t mean to reply in a childish manner with “why” every time your parents or a police officer asks you to do something within reason.

Questioning authority is carefully examining those in power and assessing if what they’re saying or doing is precluding the quest for knowledge and/or is factual or misleading.

Such preclusion varies in form. This could be a militant police state oppressing its citizens into submission which inhibits the free exchange of ideas. It could be religious leaders telling you that the earth was made in 7 days, or even scientists who allow their biases to alter their published findings.

Sometimes questioning can lead to confrontation that would require civil disobedience; other times the situation can prove to be resolved with a public expose` or peaceful assembly. Some extreme cases could result in war. In any event, we must be brave and always question authority.

Everything must be questioned in order to be pursuant of the quest for knowledge and understanding, especially authority; which possesses the greatest threat to derail our progress as human beings.

Why do People Hate the Media?

It is a growing trend to see people on social media evidently enraged by the fact that the news media spews garbage that nobody wants to see. Everyone apparently hates whatever it is that they see on the news and on social media, and they’re tired of seeing it when they log onto Facebook.


“If you don’t read the newspaper, then you’re uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, then you’re misinformed”  –Mark Twain


If so many people cannot tolerate the grotesque, violent, insidious nature of the media, then why does the media keep peddling the rubbish?

Some people believe that journalism is all about being watchdogs for the community, as if they serve an inherent obligation to humanity to report the truth. They believe that exposure to the public should lead to justice as if the enemy has been revealed from beyond the veil of shadows. If you do not report objectively, then you are a troll and a miscreant, and you’ve destroyed your own journalistic integrity.

Others believe that the media is all about corporations buying the government and distracting the population so that they can keep people in a state of servitude. They are just “distracting us” from the big picture with petty nonsense so those few in power can lead us away from salvation. While keeping us so unfocused with this mass misdirection, they’re able to get away with anything they want.

While there might be some truth to either of these assessments, both are not true in its entirety. The real reality is that the news is all about selling advertisements. It’s a business, nothing else. That’s the end game of all that is said and done.

When people bitch about the media committing a horrid misdeed by reporting violence, avarice, hatred, riots, chaos, disorder, death and murder, they only have themselves to thank for it. The media is showing consumers what they want to see.

The media will only deliver information that keeps you engaged. If it does not attract viewers, it won’t air. The human attention span is an average of 12 seconds long, maxing at about 90 seconds. This is why the pieces you see are usually short and sensational and most importantly controversial.

The more people they can get to watch for a longer period of time, the more money they make by selling space to advertisers. That is the only true purpose of the media. This is why media has divided itself into left-wing and right-wing channels. It’s easier for them to show relevant content, which makes them more profit.

If humanity did not crave destruction and total chaos, then the news would not show it, because they could not make money from it. It’s as simple as that.

Independent journals do exist where there are real issues being debated, real facts being reported. However, you do not see them because nobody cares enough. There isn’t much of a market for sensible and reasoned discussion where everyone comes to a conclusion based on facts and logic.

If the owners of small indie presses want to ever play in the big leagues, they have to deliver the content people thrive on:  disease, betrayal, hardship, violence, scandal, conspiracy, death, and murder.

On Social Media, there is a metric called Post Engagement. These are algorithms used to determine what shows up in your news feeds.

The reason you’re not seeing the deep intellectual inspiring posts about exposing government lies and the true path to human liberation is because not enough people are engaging in those posts.  Everyone else online is busy engaging with the nonsensical, moronic, fly-by-night drivel fit for imbeciles.

The news is not objective because people are not objective. People are filled with knee-jerk, hatred, and anger. They are the emotional, subjective, unreasonable, melodramatic, inflammatory masses yearning to be entertained by the lowest grade horeshit and blinded by rhetoric.

Yes, we know most readers at Epicdelusion do not fit this description. You may be reading this article getting pissed at me because you know you’re not part of that easily swindled group-thinking mob. Good, that’s a step in the right direction. If you genuinely despise the mainstream media, then you genuinely despise society.

The truth is that humanity is why the media exists the way it does, not the other way around.

Hippies Aren’t the Only Ones Against War

When we hear about Anti-War protesting many people will immediately conjure images of hippies waving peace signs. But are “hippies” the only ones who are against war? Hippies are great in my opinion, but they’re not the only ones who are against war.

First off, I’m a realistic person and a free thinker who understands that conflict happens and that measures beyond peaceful action are sometimes necessary.

War, conflict, and fighting is natural to humans. We fight to live. We fight to survive. We have what is known as a “fight or flight” instinct that has been hardwired in our brains for centuries. And it’s there for a reason.

But is war what we want in a civilized society? The answer is no. Most people agree that the ideal condition is to not live in a war-torn nation or a nation that is at war.

It may seem that angry, jingoist Americans are always after a war, and some even say that they do want war. But their story would change if there were tanks rolling down their street when they were trying to get their kid on the bus for school.

Peace is the ideal setting. Although we fight and we struggle, humans also instinctively rely on equilibrium. The equilibrium is order and cooperation; something which can be observed even at the cellular & microbial level.

As a business owner and someone who believes in free trade, I don’t see war as being economically viable. In fact, Nobel prize winning economists agree that war is bad for the economy.

We all want to live in peace. And there’s nothing unmanly or weak about confessing that you want to enjoy your peace and quiet, or speak up when that peace is threatened by war-like actions perpetrated by our leaders.

People from all walks of life dislike war.  I’ve talked to devoutly religious fundamentalist conservatives who were against war. It’s not just a “leftist” or “hippie” thing. Peace should be something we all work towards.

So the next time you think about what an anti-war advocate looks like, take a peek in a mirror, because you’ll likely be looking at one when you do.

Peace out!

Don’t Block Your Political Friends on Facebook

Now that all of your friends, your family, your boss, random people you meet at the bar, and the hoi polloi you went to high school with are on your friend list, you’re bound to see political posts you disagree with.

Not everyone is as intelligent and sophisticated as you are. Some people are “stupid” or “bigoted” or “have no compassion” or they’re “republiturds” or “libtards” or whatever else. They’re clearly unfit to occupy space on your news feed.

So the obvious course of action to dealing with these morons who disagree with you is to unfollow them. If they are particularly horrid individuals who don’t believe the same exact things as you do, then you can even unfriend them!


Well, before you proceed to click that unfriend button remember just one thing, you need controversy in your life. You need to be exposed to different opinions and different ideas. Likewise, these people need controversy from you as well.

Even if these people seem like they are complete offensive dolts, keep them around anyway. Delve into their way of thinking so you can better understand their side of the political train wreck. It will help you better understand yourself.

Yeah, there will always be some obnoxious troll who you will not get through to, it happens, welcome to planet earth. Ignore them and move along because they’re not genuine. However, not everyone who disagrees with your point of view is a troll. They could just be, you know, thinking differently than the way that you do, which is fine.

Do not block your adversaries from your life when they’re offering you free insight into the way they see the world. You may think you always need to be sheltered from what they’re saying or that you always need to be near more like-minded folks, but that rarely leads to personal growth in the end.

“A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends.”
― Baltasar Gracián

Not only should you know exactly what your political enemies are thinking, you should always investigate what you believe as well.

Even the most modestly intelligent people among us can still expose you to new content that changes your perspective. Likewise, you can expose them to new information too. If you unfriend everyone who disagrees with your politics, then you are undoubtedly creating an ideological echo-chamber where all you will hear is praise and harmony. In other words, you’re not being challenged.

While it’s good to have camaraderie, the constant praise and harmony will weaken you. So don’t click unfriend. Just learn to accept that other people exist who will disagree with you, even if they seem to be helpless imbeciles. If you’re lucky, you can catch someone who disagrees with your politics who is willing to have a civilized debate with you.

I personally love the opportunity to have an intelligent debate with someone who sees the world differently than I see it. It’s a rare treat, but it can happen on social media. Most of the time it’s difficult to get through that huge blockade of bullshit when it comes to politics, so when you do get that chance, take advantage of it.

You are, in a sense, infiltrating the enemy camp. Just make sure you keep your ego in check. Don’t go into a debate with the urge to win. Enter with the urge to understand as well as be understood. Consider their points and be cordial.

I have left many, many debates with a new perspective or at least the nagging desire to dig further into what they were talking about. It is a good sign if you have books piling up in your room all because you either lost a debate or someone made you think. There is never any shame in losing when it leads to self-improvement. Debates have prompted me to expose myself to countless pieces of literature, and my journey for knowledge will not willingly cease to happen.

Question everything and never stop learning.

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