Now just wait a damn minute! Did this guy just say that everyone hates the photos that I post up of my precious little baby? Yes, that is correct. Everyone hates the photos that you post of your baby.

They didn’t hate it the first time that you posted up the pictures of your new bundle of joy. In fact, I would assume that if these people you’re sharing your life with online are actually your friends, then they probably liked the first few photos you posted.

The initial photos you posted, welcoming your child into the world, was likely met with resplendence, joy and happiness. As well as it should. Children are our future. You should be proud. There’s nothing wrong with posting pictures like that…

Until about the 50th post that looks only slightly different than all the other photos you posted of your baby.

Each one of the photos you post may be unique and especially magnificent to you, but it’s the same picture to everyone else.

We get it. You have a baby. That’s fantastic. Seriously, we wish you and your child and your family all the best. The plain and somewhat heart-breaking truth you must accept, however, is that nobody wants to see that many pictures of your kid.

And I know there’s going to be some people that will say “oh no, no, I LOVE to see my friend’s pictures of her baby. She can post however many she wants and I l will love every single one of them and you should shut the hell up!”

You’re only lying to yourself. It’s just as annoying to you as it is to everyone else but you don’t have the courage or honesty to admit it.

You know damn well that the last time you clicked ‘like’ on one of your friend’s baby pictures that she posts every day that you were thinking in the back of your mind ‘okay, this is the last time I like one of her god damn baby posts’.

There, now doesn’t it feel better to tell the truth? Doesn’t it feel good to just admit that you, like everyone else, hate the relentless baby photos that you see on Facebook? Of course it does. 😉