There’s nothing worse than somebody who is an asshole who tries to defend him or herself.

Everyone will still recognize the asshole that you initially are, but they will also add the extra assholism of you trying to convince people you aren’t one. If you’re an asshole, there’s no such thing as convincing people you aren’t one, no matter what you do.

Some sage advice would be to just embrace the fact that you’re an asshole. Don’t apologize for it and never try to instill a PR initiative to hide it.

Once you’ve been established as an asshole, you’ll remain an asshole forever.

If you’re one of those assholes who does have a good side to you, then be assured, the asshole side of you will be the only one people will remember.

You could do charity work, save dolphins, help underprivileged youth, assist old ladies when they’re walking across the street; all to create the image that you’re not an asshole…

Trust me, you’re wasting your time. Sure, it’s good to help old ladies cross the street, but that wont make people think you’re any less of an asshole.

In fact, it’s likely that they’ll think you’re more of an asshole for using old ladies to try to create a better image for yourself. They’ll hate you more than a motorist hates a cyclist.

Nah, just be the asshole you have grown to be. Remember all the bullshit you had to deal with that made you this way and just be comfortable with being the asshole that you are.

You probably wont make any new friends, but if you have any friends left, at least you’ll know they are a loyal group of suckers. 😉