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Literary submissions criteria

Are you a creative writer looking for added exposure?

Epicdelusion magazine is currently looking for short story submissions.

Here’s what we’re looking for: absurdist, bizarre, twisted, satirical, dark comedy, intellectual, unique and/or creative short stories.

The purpose of this project is to build a collection of literary works from writers who deviate from the overall bland world of fiction writing.

There is no monetary compensation offered for submissions, however we will add links to your product, service, webstore, blog, social media channel etc. upon request.

If you’re interested, please read the following criteria:

  • Final drafts must be grammatically correct without spelling errors
  • We do not edit for content; we dare you to shock us
  • Author will be given credits
  • We will provide back-links to blogs, social media or Youtube etc. upon request
  • Photos submitted for cover must be original art/photo
  • Photos submitted should be in JPG, 800×445 pixels
  • If no photo is submitted we will use a stock photo
  • Poetry submissions will be instantly sent to trash can
  • Emailed story must be in a format where we can copy and paste the text
  • By submitting you agree to allow Epicdelusion™ to publish your story
  • Author retains all rights to submitted material and allows us only to publish to www.epicdelusion.com
  • All submitted works must be original
  • Plagiarism will result in a disqualification for all future submissions
  • Remember, It’s a short story, not a novel
  • Try to keep stories between 1500-5000 words.
  • Email with subject as: Short Story Submission
  • Submitting a story is FREE! (No reading fees.)
  • Not all submissions will be published

Here is a SAMPLE SHORT STORY to see how your submission will appear on our website.

If you agree to our humble terms and would like to submit a short story for consideration, please email your story, info, links (optional), and cover art to:


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