About Us

Welcome to Epicdelusion™ Clothing company, home of unique, awesome, urbanesque, hip, intellectual, and bad ass apparel. Epicdelusion™ is renown for its world class customer service and super fast processing and shipping. We work with our customers until optimal levels of satisfaction has been obtained and we will never leave you hanging. We are 100% dedicated to excellent quality and professionalism.  

We launched our online shop in March of 2012. We've also done local promotions and music festivals. We've printed shirts and koozies for the Scarred and Dangerous Thrill Show and other local acts. Self-taught, no formal education, raised by the mean streets... we owe a lot of our knowledge to working in screen printing shops, researching online, friends, and a lot of experimenting. Growing up in a working class family we decided to work for a living right away instead of going to college. Being exposed to punk rock, rock 'n roll, folk, hip hop and various other scenes, we were able to gain appreciation for many subcultures, ways of life, and forms of art.

Another thing we grew to appreciate was those who are willing to go above and beyond and make things happen on their own. After years of grinding the gears at labor jobs, we finally decided to step up and give rise to Epicdelusion. Managing other companies for somebody else on the clock, we quickly learned how important customer satisfaction means to the world around us, and how critical those vast intricacies are that often go unnoticed.

We are multi-genre people so you might notice our website is a mixture of something perhaps deep and philosophical but not too smug and above good humor. We love physics and philosophy as much as we love good beer and parties. We've done a lot of original work and our own variations on the hits and classics. We feel our products are an amalgamation of our character and personality and that most people can relate in some sense.

All of our shirts are professionally screen printed on 100% cotton, unisex, regular fit, high quality t-shirts. Hoodies are a high quality 50/50 cotton/poly blend for maximum comfort and breathe-ability.

(Founded 2011, Baltimore, MD)



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