When we hear about Anti-War protesting many people will immediately conjure images of hippies waving peace signs. But are “hippies” the only ones who are against war? Hippies are great in my opinion, but they’re not the only ones who are against war.

First off, I’m a realistic person and a free thinker who understands that conflict happens and that measures beyond peaceful action are sometimes necessary.

War, conflict, and fighting is natural to humans. We fight to live. We fight to survive. We have what is known as a “fight or flight” instinct that has been hardwired in our brains for centuries. And it’s there for a reason.

But is war what we want in a civilized society? The answer is no. Most people agree that the ideal condition is to not live in a war-torn nation or a nation that is at war.

It may seem that angry, jingoist Americans are always after a war, and some even say that they do want war. But their story would change if there were tanks rolling down their street when they were trying to get their kid on the bus for school.

Peace is the ideal setting. Although we fight and we struggle, humans also instinctively rely on equilibrium. The equilibrium is order and cooperation; something which can be observed even at the cellular & microbial level.

As a business owner and someone who believes in free trade, I don’t see war as being economically viable. In fact, Nobel prize winning economists agree that war is bad for the economy.

We all want to live in peace. And there’s nothing unmanly or weak about confessing that you want to enjoy your peace and quiet, or speak up when that peace is threatened by war-like actions perpetrated by our leaders.

People from all walks of life dislike war.  I’ve talked to devoutly religious fundamentalist conservatives who were against war. It’s not just a “leftist” or “hippie” thing. Peace should be something we all work towards.

So the next time you think about what an anti-war advocate looks like, take a peek in a mirror, because you’ll likely be looking at one when you do.

Peace out!