We’ve all seen them on Facebook. The carefully planned video featuring an “altruistic” dude giving money to a homeless person.

If you read the comments on these posts, the majority of people are singing praise to the person in the video who is seen dispensing a (usually large) sum of money to the homeless person.

Peppered into these comments are a few brave souls who challenge the social media mob mentality and call bullshit on the entire stunt.

“Ah, who cares if they’re filming?… they’re still giving them money!” is a response I see often when people point out the exploitative nature of these videos.

I’ve been extremely fortunate and privileged to know many kind, caring and generous people in my life. I’ve been moved by the selfless and charitable nature of these individuals. They have done beautiful work in offering time and service to their communities; particularly to homeless, seniors and people less fortunate than themselves.

There’s something quite different, however, between these people I have known in my life and the people I see on Youtube videos “helping the poor”….

They don’t fuckin’ film it and post it on Youtube.

Why might a person go through all of this trouble to make sure they’re rolling the camera while they’re “generously” giving large stacks of cash to homeless people?

The reality is that they are shamelessly self-promoting, self aggrandizing and monetizing their videos: they earn a percentage of the revenue Youtube earns from advertisements.

The dudes I’ve seen in these kinds of videos are some of the most condescending, arrogant bastards I’ve ever seen in my life… and this is coming from a condescending, arrogant bastard– so you know it’s pretty fucked up.

These assholes view the homeless as nothing more than props that enable them to foster a self-serving image of egalitarianism and philanthropy. Don’t be a sucker, these disingenuous creeps don’t give a shit about the homeless. All they want is quick fame, quick cash, and some hearty ass kissing.

Hey look, I don’t have any problem with someone wanting fame, cash and praise… but earn that shit. Don’t go out there and exploit people who are going through some real, rough shit in their lives so you can be an overnight internet hero.

How many times have any of these internet celebrities gone out when there were no cameras rolling and actually did something good for somebody? I’d really like to know. I would really like to learn that they actually cared and were donating their time and effort. I’d love to be proven wrong on this.

There are people out there who have no interest in helping anyone. Hey, that’s their right and I won’t even judge them for it. If you truly want to help people, then that transaction, that act of generosity, should be personal… not filmed so you can receive accolades.

I’m not a religious guy, but there’s a passage in the bible that I like that says “lend expecting nothing in return.” I think we could all learn something from that.

Stop exploiting the homeless for your bullshit, self-promoting Youtube videos.