It is a growing trend to see people on social media evidently enraged by the fact that the news media spews garbage that nobody wants to see. Everyone apparently hates whatever it is that they see on the news and on social media, and they’re tired of seeing it when they log onto Facebook.


“If you don’t read the newspaper, then you’re uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, then you’re misinformed”  –Mark Twain


If so many people cannot tolerate the grotesque, violent, insidious nature of the media, then why does the media keep peddling the rubbish?

Some people believe that journalism is all about being watchdogs for the community, as if they serve an inherent obligation to humanity to report the truth. They believe that exposure to the public should lead to justice as if the enemy has been revealed from beyond the veil of shadows. If you do not report objectively, then you are a troll and a miscreant, and you’ve destroyed your own journalistic integrity.

Others believe that the media is all about corporations buying the government and distracting the population so that they can keep people in a state of servitude. They are just “distracting us” from the big picture with petty nonsense so those few in power can lead us away from salvation. While keeping us so unfocused with this mass misdirection, they’re able to get away with anything they want.

While there might be some truth to either of these assessments, both are not true in its entirety. The real reality is that the news is all about selling advertisements. It’s a business, nothing else. That’s the end game of all that is said and done.

When people bitch about the media committing a horrid misdeed by reporting violence, avarice, hatred, riots, chaos, disorder, death and murder, they only have themselves to thank for it. The media is showing consumers what they want to see.

The media will only deliver information that keeps you engaged. If it does not attract viewers, it won’t air. The human attention span is an average of 12 seconds long, maxing at about 90 seconds. This is why the pieces you see are usually short and sensational and most importantly controversial.

The more people they can get to watch for a longer period of time, the more money they make by selling space to advertisers. That is the only true purpose of the media. This is why media has divided itself into left-wing and right-wing channels. It’s easier for them to show relevant content, which makes them more profit.

If humanity did not crave destruction and total chaos, then the news would not show it, because they could not make money from it. It’s as simple as that.

Independent journals do exist where there are real issues being debated, real facts being reported. However, you do not see them because nobody cares enough. There isn’t much of a market for sensible and reasoned discussion where everyone comes to a conclusion based on facts and logic.

If the owners of small indie presses want to ever play in the big leagues, they have to deliver the content people thrive on:  disease, betrayal, hardship, violence, scandal, conspiracy, death, and murder.

On Social Media, there is a metric called Post Engagement. These are algorithms used to determine what shows up in your news feeds.

The reason you’re not seeing the deep intellectual inspiring posts about exposing government lies and the true path to human liberation is because not enough people are engaging in those posts.  Everyone else online is busy engaging with the nonsensical, moronic, fly-by-night drivel fit for imbeciles.

The news is not objective because people are not objective. People are filled with knee-jerk, hatred, and anger. They are the emotional, subjective, unreasonable, melodramatic, inflammatory masses yearning to be entertained by the lowest grade horeshit and blinded by rhetoric.

Yes, we know most readers at Epicdelusion do not fit this description. You may be reading this article getting pissed at me because you know you’re not part of that easily swindled group-thinking mob. Good, that’s a step in the right direction. If you genuinely despise the mainstream media, then you genuinely despise society.

The truth is that humanity is why the media exists the way it does, not the other way around.