I started to listen to 50’s Rock & Roll and rockabilly back in high school. Previously I had imagined that 50’s music was all boring crap that old people listened to until I actually started listening to it. I was really into punk rock back in the day and I immediately saw a correlation between 50’s rock and 90’s punk rock music.

Rockabilly and early 50’s Rock & Roll in general has a unique, vintage sound but it also encompasses the attitude of rebellion.

Most kids just assumed that because the music is old and their grandparents listened to it that it must be lame. Young kids don’t realize, however, that their grandparents (or parents for that matter) were kids once too. Kids who were rebellious and didn’t like rules either.

50’s rock and roll was highly frowned upon by the square community. The generation before the 50’s rock era just saw it as noise, the same way your grandparents likely perceived Nirvana.

Over the years I’ve grown a more fond appreciation for the early years of Rock and Roll. There’s a lot of rock music from that era that was simply bad ass.

I found this playlist on youtube with some old, rare rockabilly music that is also awesome.