Understanding that the concept of ‘valid’ is subjective, I will disclose that the following, while citing certain facts, is based on the author’s opinion.

There are many arguments against marijuana decriminalization, but are any of them valid?

As a lover of philosophy, intelligent debate, political discussion etc. I pride myself on having the integrity to admit when, even if I disagree, my opponent offers fair points and valid argumentation.

For example, I am ultimately opposed to communism, however, I am willing to concede that Karl Marx did offer some fair observation and critique of the capitalist class during the 19th century.

Marx’s theory and philosophy inspired rebuttals that spawned new generations of political and economic thought. While many philosophers and economists sharply criticized Marx, they at least saw his ideas as worthy to contend and could appreciate him as a fellow intellectual.

In the debate between anti-marijuana advocates and pro-cannabis activists, there is something that is lacking; a valid argument from the anti-marijuana campaign.

Every argument proposed by anti-marijuana advocates has either been quickly debunked as not being based in scientific/medical fact, is based in stringent morality, or relies on antiquated voodoo-pharmacology and misconception.

There’s a rich history of how marijuana became unlawful in the first place.  An updated, objective analysis of marijuana, however, reveals that there really isn’t any good argument to keep it illegal.

The myths of marijuana have led to lingering societal misunderstanding. Myths that, once brought under the microscope, can be seen as no more than yesteryear’s reefer madness, dragnet paranoia and mass misinformation.

If you disagree and believe that there are valid arguments against marijuana decriminalization and legalization (for medicinal AND recreational use) then I humbly invite you to please present those arguments. I would honestly be interested in hearing what those arguments are.

I’ve searched for years to find a valid argument against marijuana decriminalization. All I have found is misinformed individuals clinging to arbitrary legislation because they were taught marijuana was bad. Belief that is rooted in a mystified detestation that dates back to an early 20th century rejection of Mexican culture and carried on with the new hatred of “hippies” and “stoners.”