You’re never too rich for Ramen noodles.

I grew up in a working class neighborhood outside of Baltimore City and I did the whole ‘moving out when you turn 18’ thing. Actually, I was closer to 20, but that’s not important.

If you’re anything like me you remember having Ramen in your apartment at all times.

Ramen was a staple food for pretty much every broke, young kid trying to make it on their own in America. It still is, of course, but it actually used to be much cheaper back in the day if you can believe that.

Whether poor, working class hero or a broke college kid, you ate Ramen. Simple as that.

Ramen was affordable, easy to make, and sometimes used as currency or barter among your friends who were equally as broke.

At one point in time, when I was 21, I took a 3 week trip and basically survived on nothing but Ramen noodle soup (aside from what my friends in Appleton, WI bought me) and cheap beer.

The 3 week voyage ended up in West Virginia for a camping trip during the National Rainbow Gathering when I vowed that some day I would make enough money to not have to eat these God forsaken Ramen noodles anymore.

I arrived at this conclusion after I finished my 4th package of Oriental Ramen one day. I took a bad sip of whiskey and ended up puking up so many Ramen noodles it was ridiculous.

I took a hiatus from Ramen for a pretty good length of time after that. I went back to Maryland, got a job, started saving money and started talking about business ideas with my brother.

After years of working day jobs, night jobs, two jobs, odd jobs, etc. we finally started laying the tracks for Epicdelusion  and got the train rolling on our business.

As budgets were tight and money scarce during start up, Ramen crept its way back into my life. The necessity to buy Ramen, however, would soon fade away.

After a few years of owning a business and seeing the hard work pay off, I finally fulfilled the promise I made to myself over 10 years ago. I now had enough money to where I didn’t have to ever buy Ramen noodles again.

Of course, I never said I had to give it up completely 😉

As the title of this blog states; you’re never too rich for Ramen. It’s cheap, delicious, and as long as they stay in business it’ll likely be found in my cabinets.

Long live the Ramen!

Just take it easy, because that shit will kill you if you eat too much of it.